A word general manager

                                                        (( Peace and mercy of God ))

With all pride and pride I present to you the Adwaa Al-Rahma Foundation for Security and Safety Systems as an institution specializing in the field of security and safety and a pioneer in this specialization, so as to follow the organization's international standards in carrying out work with infinite accuracy and high efficiency.
We aim to provide the best services and consultations to our customers to provide safety methods with the latest available technologies, through engineers and technicians with extensive experience in this specialty.
Our vision in the Lights of Mercy Foundation is to be a major player and developer in the Kingdom and the region by developing comprehensive projects starting from the idea to development, implementation and establishing new concepts in security and safety as our goal in the foundation is for projects of strategic value that contribute to the development of our society and keep pace with the aspirations of our development partners, whether from investors Or individuals.

                                     I ask God for success, and you kindly accept my regards

                                                                                                                     General Director
                                                                                                Abdulaziz bin Abdul-Khaliq Al-Muntashari